Mary Cried

          By Stephen J. Flitcraft

          ©2013 Brass Hinge Publishing

Mary cried softly when she learned God’s plan; Unsure and afraid, did not understand.

Why she, of all women, the Lord thus chose.

To bear his child, she did not know.

Her love waned not, and her faith held true.

With trust in her Lord, the baby came due.

Born in a manger, without pomp or fete,

God’s child arrived for the world to greet.

To display to all, and honor this night.

God placed a star, bright in the sky.

A savior was born, a new baby boy.

And Mary cried tears, but this time, in joy.


By Stephen J. Flitcraft

©2010 Brass Hinge Publishing

Children played all summer long.

In parks and yards sang rhyming songs.

Now in school, they study well.

It’s Winter break and time to tell.

Wishful choices, Santa's told.

Some are shy and some are bold.

Snowballs three a snowman makes,

Plain and tall, but there’s no face?

Twigs and cones with much delight;

A scarf and hat will make it right.

Now he smiles and points the way,

To our home for Christmas day.

Asleep they dream of endless treasures;

Brought by Santa, children's pleasures.

The night before a story told;

That spans the years from days of old.

With joy and reverence Mom did say,

Christ was born upon this day.

Celebrate and share the love,

God's great gift from above.

Across the world, meek and mild,

Thank you Lord, for your child.

Bless our children one and all.

And thank you Santa... from us all!

Christmas Page

What A Night Before Christmas!

By Stephen J. Flitcraft

©Brass Hinge Publishing 2008

The party began as a treat for St. Nick

They all had to have him, but who would he pick?

There was rum and coke and Kailua and cream

and not enough vodka, or so it seemed

The music played on and the girls all danced

St. Nick would be awed at some with no pants

They were all thinking of their own special way

Of caring for Santa on his great day

The stockings were hung on the bed with care

and their legs were  shaved; so soft and bare

Tequila and schnapps and off comes the blouse

Giggling and squeaking just like a mouse

Time did fly and the party still raged

The new ly thought plan now was to get him on stage

Pleasures from goddesses, wont he be surprised?

With his round little face and those twinkling eyes Wagers and bets on who will go first

Excited and eager they're ready to burst

But the limes are all gone and the salt shaker's lost.

Every bottle was empty, just think of the cost.

Five willing hearts asleep on the floor

And not one  was awake to answer the door

Santa walked in and said with a cheer,

"Ho Ho Ho St. Nicholas is here!"

Smiling and happy for what did he see?

Five little angels, snug as can be

He left them all presents just like they had wished

And just before leaving gave each a small kiss

St. Nick was so happy that his night was now done,

"On Dasher On Dancer it's time to go home !"

If Santa had hurried and his timing been right

He'd had a real Merry Christmas

and a wonderful night!!!





By Violet Overmyer

©2010 Brass Hinge Publishing

So quietly, the snow came down

Throughout the entire night.

The green of grass and earthen-brown

Were now a pristine white.

Each twig and bough had added height

As Mother Nature planned.

And we awoke to find the earth

a winter wonderland.

Brass Hinge Publishing

© 2014  Brass Hinge Publishing all rights reserved

What rhymes with Christmas?
Now "YULE" always know:

What Rhymes With Christmas?
© 2007 Stephen J. Flitcraft
The holidays fill us all with good cheer.
Knowing that Santa will soon be here.
Since we're leavin town the kids are a crappin.
They're not really sure just how that can happen.
If we're not home and Santa don't find us,
how can he show us his love and his kindness?
Daddy is buying our rooms and our tickets.
got a new shirt but Mom got to pick it!
I hope Santa owns a new gee pee ess.
so he'll know for sure and not make a guess.
We'll be way south by the Caribbean Sea,
Soaking up sun on a white sandy beach.
We'll still send you all the Joy and the Wishes. Naughty or nice is none of your business!
f we're last on his list this time and this Christmas,
I hope he remembers…. Panama is an ISTHMUS